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Bottle opener of Multifunction knife

- Aug 30, 2017 -

Can opener some friends can not clear open cans and bottle opener, in fact, it is very easy, generally have a blade is open cans, is located from the multi-functional outdoor knife Peugeot near the end (there are several knives exception, such as waiter, concise, etc.), the use of the method is to open the can opener completely, with the following small hook to hook the tin cans along the Then force the edge down, and then back, and then move the whole knife forward 0.8 centimeters or so to repeat the previous press action.

It is necessary to note that the open can can only be easily opened round cans, but for the oval can be a little powerless. In addition, the head of this tin opener is a screwdriver with a small word, in the use of it to be particularly careful, from the knife to fold out 180 degrees is completely open, and open the can not be locked open, so in the process of using its head screw screws must not bias, if biased, The tip of the tin opener is likely to be broken back, and when it was used, it was in that place, and my forefinger was punched in a hole and then bleeding. The head of the tin can not only be a screwdriver, there are many cross screws can also be used to twist, I have used it to twist the cross screws and finally tore down a wooden door. Use it to twist the back of the computer chassis of the cross screws are also more useful. Similarly, the force can not be biased, or will be broken back to hurt the hand, so please use the special care.

Bottle Opener is the name of open bottle, but only beer bottles, soda bottles and other caps. This bottle opener's head is flat, that is a big word screwdriver. This big word screwdriver can withstand a certain strength of the screws, but also can not screw the rust dead screws. It can be opened 90 degrees or 180 degrees to use, standard series when hitting 90 degrees, there is an obvious hurdle (as if locked), then the second joint of the index finger of the hand card in the open bottle of the curved nest, to screw is often comfortable, but also easy to force. Bottle opener This part also has a function, is the wire stripping trough, after my actual use, and does not have the Lezey to use the pliers the wire stripping trough to be useful. This bottle opener is relatively flat, and there is a certain strength, sometimes when the crowbar can be used, there is a time when our team riding the car when someone's tire is tied, because there is no grilled tire tool, it is used as a grilled tire stick to the bicycle tire off. Of course, its strength is also limited, can not pry obviously very hard things. With 0.83, 0.84 beginning of some multi-functional outdoor knives This part can be locked, when opened 180 degrees locked (line lock), unlock the time only to the root of the open bottle behind the steel plate to push on the line.

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