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Ceramic Tableware

- Aug 30, 2017 -

Ceramics used to be recognized as non-toxic tableware, porcelain tableware poisoning report. Some porcelain tableware's beautiful coat (glaze) contains lead, if the porcelain when the temperature is not enough or glaze ingredients do not meet the standard, it may make tableware contains more lead. When food is in contact with tableware, lead may spill over the glaze surface into the food. 

herefore, those surface prickly, multiple spots, enamel not uniform even cracked ceramic products, not to make tableware. The selection of porcelain tableware, to use the index finger in the porcelain gently clap, such as to emit a crisp general sound, it shows the porcelain embryo delicate, firing good, if the clap sound hoarse, that is, China has broken or porcelain germ quality.

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