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Common sense of use and maintenance of kitchen knife set

- Dec 04, 2017 -

The quality of life improved, to all the requirements become very high, take kitchen equipment, a chopper can also make delicious delicacies, but kitchen knives set, nine sets, and even eat crabs have crab eight pieces of stainless steel products. Therefore, the use and maintenance of each tool in the kitchen have different common sense needs to understand.

1, chop bone, cut meat please separate use according to different uses, cutting tool is not suitable for cutting, cutting metal, wood and other hard things.

2, cut the bone with the blade of the heel contact with the bone, vertical drop knife. If the bone is stuck in the mouth of the blade, it is not appropriate to sway around and pull out the blade mouth. The correct way is to raise the bone with the knife and chop until the bone is broken. Otherwise, will cause the blade broken steel into an arc-shaped notch, this is improper use, not within the warranty range.

3, the tool should be washed after each use, dry, wipe the cooked edible oil, place ventilation, dry place, away from water and gas channeling, in order to prevent rust. (Stainless steel cutting tool exposure to carbon monoxide gas will produce macular, should be prevented).

4, kitchen knife, scissors rust, can be a sweet potato carefully rub a few times, and then wipe clean with a rag, the knife after rusting, put the knife in the rice wash water soak 3 hours, can go rust.

5, Tool grinding method: The knife with blunt, add water to 15 degrees-20 degrees in the grindstone to grind the stone back and forth can be sharp and clinking.

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