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Egg Whisk

- Jan 09, 2018 -

using egg whisk , the wrist is the part of the force, through the appropriate rotation of the wrist joint, wrapped into the air, to pass the egg whites, cream and other ingredients.

When using egg whisk to mix dough, you need to grip the handle, you can use the upright way, with the wrist to drive the strength of the arm to fully mix.

Quick manual kill Protein tips:

  1. The use of frozen eggs, more conducive to pass the protein;

2. The amount of sugar in the protein paste can not be less than 35g, too little will affect the normal killing of protein;

3. Note that the time to add sugar, too early or too late, will affect the speed of the pass;

4. The egg whisk should be big enough to wrap more air in a short time and quickly kill the protein.

5. Before passing the protein, drop a few drops of lemon juice or vinegar in the protein to help the stability of the protein, conducive to the killing;

6. Pass the protein, in the pelvic floor mat a cloth non-slip, the left hand hold the basin edge, a slight tilt basin body, right hand will hit the egg head completely into the protein, with the wrist force back (clockwise) shaking the egg whisk

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