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Folding knife introduction

- Dec 01, 2017 -

Folding knife, a knife, folding. The folding knife is mainly arranged at the front end of the knife handle and hingedly connected with a knife body which can be screwed into the knife body. A safety clasp is arranged on the knife body with respect to the side of the knife body, The rear end of the cutter body is provided with an abutting portion and an abutting concave portion which are capable of abutting against the elastic strip. The safety buckle has a tilting elastic latching portion which can abut against the rear end abutting portion of the cutter body A fixed cutter body which is arranged in the accommodating chamber of the handle and has one end fixed and the other end abutting the abutting part of the cutter body for providing auxiliary pushing when the cutter body is unscrewed from the cutter handle Besides, the folding knife of the utility model not only has the function of folding and folding the conventional folding knife as well as the simple and semi-automatic operation mode of using the spring force to push the knife body out of position, but also further simplifies Structural design, to reduce the overall thickness, to facilitate the folding knife collection and carrying, folding knife operation easier and easier

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