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How to choose a kitchen knife

- Dec 08, 2017 -

Kitchen knife are necessary tools in the kitchen, life can not be less. But do you know what the kitchen knife are? How to choose these tools to use in different places, the following little series to tell you.

According to the cutting edge of a knife and steel knives, according to the material of carbon steels, stainless steel, high carbon stainless steel knives.

There are many kinds of tools, according to the function of the machete, knife, vegetable knife, planing skin knife, ham knife, tomato knife, watermelon knife, bread knife, many knives, etc.

① machete: Used to cut bones.

② Slice knife: for food slices, but not cut frozen meat.

③ Vegetable knife: For cutting vegetables and fruits.

④ Planing leather knife: for planing the epidermis of vegetable fruit and melon.

⑤ Ham knife: Used for cutting ham and other meat.

⑥ tomato knife: for cutting tomatoes, such as skin and juicy, hydrophobic soft fruit.

⑦ Watermelon Knife: For cutting the skin thicker, fruit larger fruits.

⑧ Bread Knife: Used to cut soft food with a hard epidermis.

⑨ Multi-Purpose knife: especially suitable for cutting fillets, etc., and have a variety of uses.

Select the tool to pay attention to the following points.

The ① surface is smooth. Only the smooth surface of the tool can really play a rust-resistant effect.

② Blade is sharp. Blade to be sharp, straight, no gap.

③ is comfortable to use. The hilt is designed to be humane and comfortable to hold.

④ is safe to use. The handle must have Non-slip design and will not dispose of the injured and the user.

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