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How to grind scissors

- Aug 30, 2017 -

Put the grindstone on the side and sprinkle some water

If the scissors can turn over, the blade outward turn over, the blade against the Grindstone

To the grindstone, hand to steady, and grinding stone parallel grinding.

You see, but all important activities, the opening of major projects, commencement, completion, completion ceremony, flags fluttering, drums Qi Ming, all by a number of beautiful hands red silk, for people to cut ribbon. Those who are qualified to do so must be the highest-ranking persons in the main guest of the present, mostly government officials. As a result, the scissors are not only a symbol of power and nobility, it also means that the project is licensed and supported by the Government, which seems to have an "official-oriented" role.

Medical Scissors

Not all the ribbons are full of comedy, there is a pair of scissors down, but for a farce even farce picked up the curtain of the record. Xinhua reported that Jilin "new same boat" company suspected of illegal fundraising 2. 2.4 billion Yuan case broke, 27 suspects fell into the French Open. This big case, deceived people involved in Jilin, Liaoning and Anhui 3 provinces a total of more than 5,500 people. and the original appearance for this fraud company's establishment of a ribbon-cutting and in the later quasi-government in the name of going out "inviting investment", it is Jilin's relevant leadership. In fact, the "liar Company" boss has a previous record, if the officials asked about the true face of the person, perhaps do not dare to hand scissors grandly for its big publicity, misleading all "stakes" deceived. This scissors go down, cut where just a piece of red silk, clearly will be thousands of people's "rich Dream" cut a smash, but also their trust in the government cut pieces.

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