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How to guide children to use scissors safely

- Jan 04, 2018 -

1. Scissors Selection

With the size and strength of the children's palms, choose the right size and weight of the scissors. Scissors should be easy to open and close, blade not too blunt and not too good, the scissors must be the tip of the round and blunt, such as "safety scissors" that is suitable for children to use.


2. Rules for using scissors

Here are five rules for using scissors. Whenever a child uses scissors, his parents remind him to keep him in mind and develop habits. If the child violates the rule, may temporarily forbid him to use the scissors, in order to punish.

(1) No throwing or waving of scissors is strictly prohibited.

(2) Do not take the scissors to walk or run and jump.

(3) Do not use the big scissors for adults.

(4) When you give the scissors to others, you should turn your hands toward each other.

(5) After use, the scissors should be put and put in a fixed place, and will be cut out of the confetti clean.

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