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How to kill the protein

- Dec 29, 2017 -

When we stir the egg whites with a blender, we are actually adding air to the protein. The first thing to understand is what protein is: protein is composed of amino acids in the form of "dehydration condensation," the polypeptide chain formed by coiled folded into a certain space structure of the material. There are many kinds of protein in the egg white, which accounts for 12% of all the quality of the egg whites and 88% of the water. These proteins all have a common characteristic. The presence of these protein molecules in the egg whites is curly, and if the protein is elongated, you will find that the protein molecule is actually made up of a long peptide chain. At both ends by two different characteristics of the protein small molecule, a can with water fusion, another end repel water, so the part that repels water usually on the test paper protein molecules deep, so you can not contact with water. Like a tape measure, the tape is very much like water, the professional term is hydrophilic groups, and the most inside of the tape, rolled inside the box is a very annoying part of the water, hydrophobic groups. As for why proteins fold, this is a common trait of all proteins, which involves genetics, which we can discuss later.

Egg whites do not kill the state, you see the macro is a bowl of sticky transparent egg whites, at the micro-molecular level, in fact, by a variety of "tape" composition, their hydrophilic part of the water molecules with the fusion, hydrophobic groups are wrapped in protein molecules. When the blender keeps stirring in the egg whites, the egg beater gradually pulls the protein molecule this tape is pulled open, so long peptide chain is gradually opened, and finally the hydrophobic groups inside exposed, hydrophobic base is nasty water, a run on the water, but met the air like close, The hydrophobic base of the air molecule is crowded with air molecules, and when there is a lot of hydrophobic base together to squeeze an air molecule, it becomes the internal air, and the external is the mass of the protein molecule. The hydrophilic base and water outside the air mass form the outer wall of the air mass, so that a protein balloon is born. The process of passing is the process of producing a protein balloon. The more they pass, the more proteins are opened, and the air is formed. The macroscopic physical manifestation of these mass groups is that the proteins we see are sent, the volume becomes larger, and the larger volume is actually the increase in the number of air molecules

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