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kichen knife material classification

- Nov 27, 2017 -

Composite Steel Knife: The real proof of this "good iron is really used in the blade." The original people racked their brains through a variety of methods will be used in Low-carbon steel and high carbon composite together, is to improve the tool toughness and wear resistance, this is a composite kitchen knives.

Carbon steel clip knives: Carbon knives for traditional kitchen knives, because of the interaction between the two steels, making it excellent toughness and easy to wear. But its corrosion resistance is poor, the surface of the knife easily oxidized, the use of a period of time, the knife surface will be black, can not be wiped off, so not beautiful and hygienic, there are neat people will not like.

V-Gold Compound knife: bang!! The gunpowder exploded to produce high temperatures. This is through the special gunpowder explosion way to allow the material fusion, and thus the production of imported steel. Features are easy to wear high, with strong corrosion resistance, more easy to clean and hygienic, because imported steel and complex technology to make it cost higher.

Stainless Steel Composite Knife: It is an excellent student, keep the carbon-metal clip knife easy to repair, low price advantages, but also a combination of the V-gold composite steel knives, with wear-resisting corrosion, and clean and hygienic characteristics. The only thing that's not enough is that the price of carbon steel is much higher.

Stainless Steel Knife: Perhaps your home is now used is it, stainless steel knife is the mainstream of the market products, because of its simple processing technology, low price, hardness, toughness, strength and other functional indicators are excellent, become a kitchen talent handy good tool.

Porcelain knife: With special fully dense materials and non-metallic antibacterial properties, such as you use metal knives and porcelain knives to cut apples, metal cutting cross section will soon become black, porcelain knife will not, it becomes the best cooking tool after weaning, and you do not have to worry about its sharpness, its hardness is second only to the diamond, without grinding lasting sharp. The disadvantage is that when used, do not let it fall from the high point caused by the fracture, the lack of angle. Porcelain knives are not suitable for food that needs to be chopped and chopped, and other vegetables, soft meats and fruits are suitable.

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