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Kitchen Knife Feng shui precautions

- Jan 05, 2018 -

We all know that in ancient China, the control of knives is very strict, especially Qin Shihuang's time, more so. This not only illustrates the sharp edge of the knife, but also shows that these are the murder weapon! But the kitchen also inseparable from these knives, so the kitchen feng shui, kitchen knife in feng shui above there are many noteworthy places, let's take a look at it!

1, to avoid in the West

West, in Feng Shui for West Gold, the orientation of the white tiger, if placed in this position too many knives, will improve the entire family of the chill of the gas, which is ready to live in families are not good news, so be sure to see the direction, do not put the kitchen knives in the geography of the West.

2. Avoid right stove

Stoves, is a place to protect the kitchen, and kitchen in Chinese traditional culture is the guardian of this family. No matter how to decorate feng shui, should not offend this party is sacred, because it is the most considerate of the joys and sorrows of the Clan. If the tool is placed on the front of the stove, it is obviously not respect for the kitchen, but also because the tool is the murder weapon, so that their own luck by the blood of the disaster, so be sure to avoid the stove.

3. Blade into Sheath

For the swordsman, once the blade out of the sheath, the blood must be splashed five steps; also as a razor, the kitchen tool although the function is cut melon cut vegetables, meat broken bones, but their nature is still a razor, belongs to the murder weapon, so, used up the tool, must clean, put in the tool organising, so that will not hurt innocent, Will not have a negative impact on feng shui.

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