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Kitchen scissors

- Dec 07, 2017 -

Designed for the Oriental family, to create a convenient kitchen, a pair of scissors can complete the kitchen so cut work.


Supply of Chinese cuisine with a wide range of raw materials, different natures, some with bone, some with tendons, some strong toughness, some texture crisp, only to understand and master the various types of tools of different properties and uses, only


According to the different properties of raw materials to choose the appropriate tool, the different properties of raw materials processed into neat, beautiful, uniform, suitable for the shape of cooking requirements.


Many kinds of tools, more common commonly used knives, blades (also known as thin knives), machetes (also known as Chopper), knives, cutting knives, roast duck knives, mutton slices knives (also known as mutton knives), stuffing knives, scissors (ie


Scissors), tweezers knives, scraper, knives and so on.


What are the different kinds of kitchen knives used?

1, Cutter: knife body slightly wide, moderate length, wide range of application, not only for cutting, film, chop and other processing tablets, bars, silk, ding, the end, block, velvet mud and other raw materials shape, but also for processing slightly broken small bone or texture


Hard raw materials, applications are more common. Cutting knife from the shape to divide, can be divided into Ma Tau knife, square head knife and round head knife. According to local habits, round head knives generally in the river, Zhejiang and other places commonly used, square knife in general in Sichuan, Guangdong and other places


Use more; Ma Tau Dao is customarily known as Beijing Dao, mainly used in the north.


2, Blade: The feature is lighter weight, the knife body is narrower and thinner, steel pure, edge sharp, flexible and convenient to use. The main use is processing pieces, strips, silk and other raw materials shape.


3, Machete: knife body than cutting knife long and wide, heavy, arched. Main processing with bone or texture hard raw materials, add chop pig, chicken, duck, goose, ribs, etc., is a special tool.


4, sharp knife: The shape of the front tip of the broad, basic triangular, light weight. More used in the production of western and bone-cutting.


5, before cutting: knife body size and general cutter the same, the root of the knife is slightly thicker than the cutting knife, the first half of thin and sharp, the weight generally 1000 grams to 1500 grams, characterized by both cutting and can be cut.


6, Roast duck knife (also called small Blade knife): The shape and the blade is basically similar, the difference is that the knife body is slightly narrower and shorter than the blade, light weight, sharp blade, specially used for sliced cooked duck meat.


7, Lamb knife: lighter weight, generally 500 grams or so, the characteristics of the middle of the blade is a bow, knife body thinner, sharp edge, is cut mutton chip special knives.


8, filling knife: the knife body is rectangular, long and thin, the weight of 800 grams, blade sharp, suitable for chop vegetables.


9, Scissors (scissors): More for processing fish, shrimp, such as raw materials, such as scissors and fins and so on.


10, tweezers knife: knife length of about 20 cm, the first half is a knife, a triangular, the second half is tweezers, is also the hilt part. Mainly used for raw materials of the initial processing, knives can be used for cutting, slitting, scraping and so on, tweezers department

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