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Kitchen knife selection and maintenance strategy

- Nov 25, 2017 -

Not in the kitchen every day real play some people do not know the importance of the kitchen knife fit hand, with serrated cut meat estimate your finger also along with the sacrifice. How do we pick a kitchen knife in the home kitchen?

The first to tell you is, take the Western-style chefs, they can pay attention to the knife, according to different ingredients have a variety of kitchen knives. Raw and cooked separately, cut the meat to separate the bones, cut bread and cheese apart. We usually have at least two kinds of knives, chopping knives and raw and cooked dual-use knives.

Second, when you choose a kitchen knife, please forget those full of raw flowers of the tool marketing spray. The high hardness of the kitchen knife can improve the wear resistance, but! The hardness is too high, the blade is brittle and easy to collapse, so you have to choose whether to purchase the kitchen knife of ultra-high hardness material according to your cooking habit. Japan to the high hardness, the knife body lightweight, blade thin very sharp, suitable for the day to kill fish peeled, flower knife cut pieces; While the German knife is suitable for red and white two cases of various occasions, the blade mouth of the German knife more than 20 degrees inclination, the advantage is durable and easy to maintain. Give love to cook a good kitchen knife, absolutely give you love, friendship, filial piety and other points!

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