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Kitchen Tips: Kitchen knife set usage and maintenance of common sense

- Nov 24, 2017 -

After improving the quality of life, everything is required to become very high, with kitchen equipment, kitchen knife set can also make a delicious cuisine, but the kitchen knife set large sets, nine sets, and even eat crabs have Crab eight stainless steel products .. so the use of each tool in the kitchen and maintenance have different common sense to understand.

    1, cut bone, cut meat, use separately according to different purposes, cutting tools should not cut, cut metal, wood and other hard objects.

    2, cutting bone should be used when the edge with the blade to contact the bone, vertical knife. If the bite stuck knife edge, it is not appropriate to shake, pull out the knife edge. The correct way is to raise the bones together with the knife and then cut until the fracture. Otherwise, it will cause the blade to break the steel into an arc notch, which is improperly used and not covered by the warranty.

    3, after each tool to be washed clean, dry, smeared cooked edible oil, placed in a ventilated, dry place, away from the water and gas channeling tools to prevent rust. (Stainless steel knife contact with carbon monoxide gas will produce macular, should prevent).

    4, kitchen knife set, scissors rusty, available a piece of sweet potatoes carefully rub several times, and then wipe clean, chopper rusty, the knife on the rice water soak for 3 hours, you can go to rust.

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