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Modern scissors

- Aug 30, 2017 -

Modern scissors from the shape, materials, crafts, quality, variety, function and so on and ancient scissors have


Great improvement. However, from the existing relics, the people in the Song Dynasty used scissors have been generally close to the modern appearance. Luoyang Tomb Museum There is a pair of scissors from the tomb unearthed in the five years (AD 1072) in the Northern Song Dynasty, which is similar to modern scissors. This shows that China is now the model of scissors, at least for more than 1000 years.

China's contemporary famous scissors, when several Beijing's "Pock" and Hangzhou's "Zhang", so there is "North Nan Zhang," said. Zhang Scissors has "300 years of history, 300 years of credibility", more known as "the Crown of scissors." Zhang Scissors was awarded the silver medal at the first persuading trade fair in Nanyang in 1910, and won gold medals and special prizes in 1919 at the Panama International Fair and the 1923 Domestics exhibition. In recent years, the export volume of Zhang Scissors has been greatly increased by people all over the world. Only more than 360-year-old "pock" scissors, but in recent years because of various reasons gradually decline. This also shows from another aspect, carry forward the historical culture, protect, develop "the Chinese old" the importance.

There are many kinds of scissors, the production material is mainly alloy steel, generally consists of two parts--thumb control of the active blade, ring finger control of the static blade, two parts have a screw fixed.

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