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Multifunctional Knife's solo surgery

- Aug 30, 2017 -

The first thing I want to say is not to use the hand or other parts of the body to test the knife of the multi-functional outdoor knife is sharp, because there are already n many people have been cut skin.

The main use of the solo surgery is cutting organic matter, most of which is food, and knives are used to cut inorganic materials, such as pencils, paper, thin plastic film, and so on, can not use the tip and blade to screw the screws, so it is very easy to make the blade split the front, also can not use Even if the cans of aluminum skin is not necessary at all times do not use multi-functional outdoor knives to cut, because this is also a small blade damage. You can't cut it with two knives. In short, the comparison of hard things do not use Swiss multi-functional outdoor knife knife to solve. Usually in use do not use multi-functional outdoor knives (except 111mm) to poke cartons and other relatively soft things, because one but hard, knife (84, 91mm) not locked very easy to bounce back hurt hand.

When it comes to turning off the multifunctional outdoor knife, some friends often use multi-functional outdoor knives on the back of the body or hard things (such as tables and so on) to turn the knife off, in order to do this is more dangerous, in case of the knife when someone touched you, your knife may be partial injury to the body, Secondly, this is particularly bad for the top one-third of the blade (a few 111mm of knives exceptions), such a knife will make the knife hit the metal in the knife body, as long as a few times, will make the blade curling blade, correcting its cause, or multi-function outdoor knife design problems, may have a certain relationship with the processing accuracy.

So, please develop a good habit of customs: with one hand holding the handle from below, and the other thumb into the knife face of the last month Bud Groove, slowly close the knife. 111mm Multi-Purpose Outdoor knives are basically locked, there are two types of locking, one is the card lock, in the back of the hilt has a square unlock switch, when the solo surgery opened 180 degrees, automatic locking, unlock, the unlock switch down after pulling, you can close the solo surgery, and the number is 0.83, 0.84 the multi-functional outdoor knife at the beginning of the use of steel plate locking method (commonly known as: Line Lock), the solo surgery in the opening 180 degrees, automatic locking, unlocking, the head of the head of the back of the steel plate to the side of a push, the solo surgeon can use the other hand closed. When you turn off the knife, you must be in moderation, not hurting yourself or others.

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