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Outer shell of multifunctional outdoor knife

- Aug 30, 2017 -

Multifunctional outdoor knife shell multi-functional outdoor knife shell mainly four kinds: smooth plastic shell, matte plastic shell (commonly known as: Pock), pure metal shell (aluminum, steel, etc.), luxury shell (shell, high-grade wood shell, gold, silver, diamond, etc.). This article is mainly about our daily life in the first three kinds of common shell of multi-functional outdoor knives.

Relatively smooth plastic shells (transparent and impervious) are the most "tender", the use of nails with a stroke or a rub with the fingers will cause permanent irreversible scratches, multi-functional outdoor knives from Switzerland, most of them are shipped in cartons, cartons in the transport process inevitably into some small dust, One but with multi-function outdoor knife rub will appear scratches, but most of the multi-functional outdoor knife scratches less obvious, not to look carefully is not to be seen, and multi-functional outdoor knife one but after a day, it and hands, desktop, clothing, and even leather jacket will cause a certain degree of knife hilt, if you do not want to scratch the shell, There is only one way: do not use multifunctional outdoor knives. But this is not realistic, so for the scratch of the shell, we will be careful.

The most afraid of the shell is the fall, from a height of one meter of the place fell to the cement or marble ground, if it is the knife number one or the end of the plastic shell first, it is likely to be cracked, or even smashed the shell, some friends may ask, the multi-functional outdoor knife so expensive things how can so without falling? In fact, the end, multi-functional outdoor knife or civilian, the shell is the ordinary plastic, the strength of the shell is limited, the shell of the matte to a little stronger than the smooth, but also afraid of falling, from the high place to fall down, the same will be bad. Some people care about the multi-functional outdoor knife shell, even think that the shell has a scratch multi-function outdoor knives are not good, here I would like to ask a question, you buy multi-functional outdoor knife is the function of multi-functional outdoor knife to solve the problem? Or do you use the handle of a multifunctional outdoor knife to solve the problem? Metal casing of the multi-functional outdoor knife from the not too high place may not fall, but the metal shell is also easy to deform, so everyone in the use of multi-functional outdoor knives when you try to hold, do not drop it on the hard ground. In addition, the shell is also afraid of high temperature, low temperature, strong acid and so on.

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