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Pizza scissors, the novelty of the pizza scissors not only to cut the pizza, but also to direct the pizza into the tray

- Nov 30, 2017 -

Now, when people eat pizza, with pizza knives and pizza shovels, common pizza knives have the function of simply cutting pizzas for the user, and do not have the ability to use their own structure to quickly and easily split pizzas, and pizza with pizza cutters before pizza. Sheng, due to the separation of tools, The operation is inconvenient, in the use of shovels, often have no stable phenomenon, resulting in pizza drop, and cleaning is also very troublesome.


The purpose of the utility model is to solve the problems in the existing technology, and to propose a new type of pizza scissors, which can make the structure simple, easy to use, the cost is similar to the ordinary scissors, and the price is reasonable, which is a good appliance for the family and some special pizza sellers.

In order to achieve the above purposes, the utility model presents a includes upper scissors, lower scissors, pin shaft, upper blade, lower blade, thumb shear ring, finger shear ring and thumb press part, the upper scissors piece and the lower end of the scissors piece are hinged to form a cross structure through the pin shaft. The upper and lower blades are respectively fixedly arranged on the upper scissors piece and the inside of the lower scissor piece, the lower end of the underside of the scissors is fixedly connected to one side of the fan-shaped shovel, wherein the thumb shear ring and the finger shear ring are respectively arranged at the end of the upper scissors piece and the lower scissor piece, and the medial center of the thumb shearing ring is provided with a anti-collision column, The thumb shear ring and the finger shear ring are sheathed with a anti-slip sleeve.

As an optimum, the bottom of the lower scissor piece is a planar structure, and the bottom plane of the finger shear Ring is located on the same plane as the underside of the lower scissor Blade in the closed state between the upper scissors piece and the lower scissor piece.

As an optimum, the tail of the lower scissor piece is bent upward to form a 55°.

As an optimum, the thumb press department is a transverse setting, and the thumb press part is a smooth curve-shaped structure with forward arching in the middle.

As an optimization, the flat shovel fan, there are 3 of flat shovel, each fan-shaped spade angle for the 30°,3 fan-shaped shovel is connected with the hinge device in order.

The utility model has the beneficial effect that the utility model is connected with one fan by attaching the lower end of the lower scissors piece to the outside side.

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