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Pull-out Plug for multifunctional knife

- Aug 30, 2017 -

It is a good tool for dealing with wood, and it must be evenly used in the process. Can not use brute force, or wood saw may have broken or deformed, here to pay attention to a point, some buyers are not clear wood saw and hacksaw, here I said, with a simple way-saw the sawtooth big, hacksaw small, A very fine row of the same size of the small teeth is a hacksaw, high and low, the size is not the same jagged wood saw. Serious attention: Wood saws can not be sawn metal! You can't use it as a hacksaw!

There are several uses of the wood plug drill, I have studied three kinds: the first is to open the cork like red wine, or some medicine cork. The second is that in some cases when the crowbar is used, for example, it can be used to pry the belt buckle and leather interface, that place is often very tight. Third, can solve merely, whether the rope or plastic bag merely can be more easily untied, the use of the method is, the head of the wood plug drilling from the gap in the rope buckle, and then twist a circle, and then, the Force to dial out, you can let most of the merely loose, the solution to merely the shoelace is very useful.

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