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Scissors for Multifunctional knives

- Aug 30, 2017 -

Scissors scissors is mainly used for paper-cut, tape, rope and so on, can not be used for scissors iron or aluminum, because this will make the knife to produce relatively large wear. Scissors (here refers to the standard, the Iron Man series of scissors) of the fixed one of the scissors piece in the middle, There is a ridge (the distance to the hinge is about 0.8 centimeters), where scissors are the weakest place, if the scissors in the open when accidentally dropped on the ground, just meet a particular angle of the word, the scissors may break, and this damage is not repaired, please be careful when using. 

Scissors Spring life is generally 3-5 years, also useful for more than a year bad, may be the use of the frequency is too high. In the daily use, do not let scissors to empty shears, that is, do not cut and use scissors repeatedly, that will aggravate the fatigue of the spring, reduce its use times.

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