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Tactical folding knife

- Dec 05, 2017 -

Once, I just bought a tactical folding knife, with friends to show off, suddenly one of them asked: "What is a tactical folding knife?" "I froze for a long time, yes, what is the tactical thing?" In this era of "tactical" military products, do most people have no idea what "tactical" is? Why call it a "tactical" knife? The specific meaning of the tactical two words used in the equipment today is somewhat vague. However, the most important thing is to embody the versatile capabilities of the equipment. Today we are talking about tactical knives that actually refer to tools designed to be used in extreme environments.


In a sense, this is not something new. Like the dagger worn by the Greek infantry before the thousand years ago, the dagger of the Roman Legion Infantry was more or less versatile. In other words, in that era, the two can also be regarded as tactical equipment OH.


During the Vietnam War, there were few large-scale exhibitions on both sides of the army, and the form of war was transformed into guerrilla warfare in the jungle. Soldiers cannot count on logistical support as they did in the war orNorth Korea, and all equipment has to be saddled. How to reduce the weight of a soldier's belongings becomes the most important, by maximizing the use and reliability of one piece of equipment. For soldiers, the dagger is no longer just a weapon in charge when it is inserted in the tip of a gun, and the need for a multi-purpose dagger and knife for survival in the wild is naturally born.

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