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Tactical Folding Knife Usage

- Dec 11, 2017 -

Backpackers have become the main force in the consumption of outdoor tactical knives. Of course they'd rather be more like knives than knives.


Said a lot of folding knives, but is the fixed blade of the tactical knife has been completely reduced to the matter of gas? Can the folding knife be able to unify the tactical sword's Jiangshan? The answer is, of course, negative.

Admittedly, the folding knife has taken up most of the tactical knife market, but it is also a nightmare for them to give them a decisive advantage. Even if the optimization of the design, even today the clasp of the folding knife has been very strong, and even some can be used to chop wood, the folding knife is still not as strong as the ordinary tactical knife. Some sturdy doors and windows, obstacles, and only daggers to chop open, and even the most sturdy folding knife, also helpless


As the folding knife design leaps and bounds, artisans and manufacturers have also not given up on the dagger improvement. But unlike the revolutionary development of the folding knife, the dagger relies more on the progress and improvement of the steel itself, so its development can only be called evolution, not revolutionary.


Today, tactical knives are still in the era of the common development of knife and dagger. The knife is becoming stronger and the dagger is becoming lighter. How to choose, depends on what you want to function.

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