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The use method of kitchen tool and matters needing attention

- Jan 11, 2018 -

How to use the kitchen knife correctly

1, in the use of knives, in order to health and health perspective, to avoid a knife multiple use of the situation. For example: raw food and cut cooked food knives to separate.

2, we use it to cut bones and other hard things, do not sway around, so easy to make knives appear in the gap. Thus affecting the use of knives. (Sometimes we buy meat, ribs, etc. are handled well, this is not more convenient.) )

3, when the use of knives must concentrate, not half-hearted, so as to better avoid the occurrence of dangerous. Safety First!

Second, the kitchen knife use notes

1, often sharpening: sharp knife than blunt knife more secure. The sharp knife cuts the food material, needs the strength to be small, more accurate is not easy to skid, the hand also not easy tired.

2, so that the tool is fully visible: the placement of knives, will handle the hand toward their own, and ensure that the tool will not accidentally fall, do not let the cloth, such as shielding the cutter, otherwise prone to accidents. Pass the knife to others is to pay attention not to the tip of the person.

3, the use of appropriate tools: cut vegetables, cut meat, cut fish, cut bread, or to do cold cuts, all need to use the corresponding knives, cutting different ingredients, cut into different sizes, but also with different knives. There is a reason for the development of tools for various purposes.

4. When the tool falls: when the tool falls, do not try to pick it up with your hand, it may be seriously injured.

5, placed in a safe place: sharp knives are very dangerous for children, must be placed in the children do not get to the place.

6, to avoid contact heat Source: Do not put the knife on the cooker or remove heat source, otherwise the tool is easy to damage or cause burns.

Note: Do not use your fingers to draw the blade to test whether the knife is sharp.

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