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What is the multifunction tool

- Aug 30, 2017 -

In a sense, multi-function knife is no longer a knife, but a tool-oriented multi-functional utility, which is from the birth of multi-function knife has a form. 1879 Multi-function knife prototype with 6 kinds of functions and today's a knife up to more than 30 kinds of functions ("15403-Super Space Knife" and the Vickers "16795-Swiss Champions"). Versatility has become a major feature of multifunctional knives.

 It can be said that excellent quality and exquisite multi-functional combination is the two main factors that constitute multi-function knife. Today's times, as a result of the rich and varied material life, people in the pursuit of diversification of goods, but also hope that the multi-purpose of goods, multi-function knife precisely cater to the needs of people, in a small tool to give a lot of practical small tools to solve the people in the daily work and life of all kinds of problems. And no matter in what environment, multi-function knife shows its extraordinary practical value and corresponding quality quality.

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