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Why do children use safety scissors

- Jan 03, 2018 -

For infants and toddlers to develop the product is not so rich, parents see children playing with scissors is how the attitude? Probably parents will hectic hurriedly let the child put the scissors down, lest will hurt that place, poke to the eye, cut to the finger ah and so on. Most families will collect "weapons" such as scissors to keep children from seeing them again.


Some studies suggest that babies around the age of 2 have begun to show curiosity and begin to mimic adult action. The baby shows curiosity when it comes to the use of things like computers and mobile phones, as well as curiosity about the hidden dangers of scissors. When the children try various ways to use scissors, we see is really very worried, but on the contrary, this is the development of children's fine action, hand-eye coordination, hands and self-confidence and other aspects of the excellent opportunity, as long as we patiently guide, he will be better.

But this is not the time when babies really learn to use scissors. Because less than 2 years old for children, not only the limbs do not have enough fine activity ability, strength is also insufficient. It may seem like a simple cut of colored paper is a huge challenge for them. So the real kids can use their own scissors, should be over 2 years old.

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