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Folding Knife

- Aug 30, 2017 -

Folding knife, a kind of knife, can be folded. The folding knife is mainly in the front end of the toolholder with a pivot assembly connected to the body of the cutter, the knife body is provided with a safety fastener relative to the side of the knife body, and the back end of the knife body has an elastic bar, wherein the back end of the tool body has a relief part which can be used as the top of the elastic bar and a concave part, and the safety clip has an elastic button part which is A knife body which can be screwed out of the handle is arranged at the back end of the tool body, and the elastic strip is arranged in the accommodating chamber of the handle, one end is fixed, and the other end is offset to the handle part of the cutter body, to provide auxiliary propelling force of the shank when the knife body is spinning out from the handle, and the folding knife of the utility model has the function of folding and closing of the conventional folding cutter in addition to the same. , and the use of elastic auxiliary push knife body spin out the positioning of a simple semi-automatic operation, further to streamline the structure of the design, so that the overall thickness of the reduction, in order to facilitate folding knife collection and carrying, so that the operation of folding knife is more simple and easy.

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