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Folding Knife Classification

- Aug 30, 2017 -

1 Automatic knife

Through the button or push rod to open the blade, is the so-called spring knife. Its power is generally the use of reed or helical spring. There is also the use of subminiature electric motor Electric Knife, can be called a single hand folding knife top-level things.

In terms of construction, it can be divided into a straight line with a handle and a blade, and a folding type which can be opened in half rotation.

In addition, there is a unique design of the automatic knife, press the button, through the grip of the two helical spring action, the blade of the sheath instantly pushed away. But this does not belong to a folding knife, but a scabbard knife.

2 Gravity Knife

When the button or push rod is operated without the use of the spring and so on, the blade will take the weight out of the sheath to be the gravity knife.

In terms of folding knives, Gerber once produced a gravity knife product, but its initial product size is not much.

3 Inertia Knife

The tool, which can be opened with a flick of the wrist, is quite popular, but there are few real practical products.

Straight-line bows and folding knives are often seen in action movies. Although both are knives, but its own nature of play is high, the number is also very small, so also known as the Performing Arts (entertainment) knife.

4 Manual Knife

This is the type of blade that can be switched on only by finger operation.

The blade is attached with a folding knife for the opening device (opener), which has been rapidly increasing in recent times because of its simple principle and good operability. In addition, there is a clip-type or threaded type, which can be installed on the ordinary folding knife on the Thumb column (THUMB STUD) on the market.

In a large number of single hand folding knives, it is useful to have a thumb column and a central lock or a padded lock (liner lock) as the best choice.

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