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Household Scissors

- Aug 30, 2017 -

Scissors are cutting cloth, paper, steel, rope, round steel, such as flaky or linear objects, two-edged tool, can be opened and close. In China, because of textile development, scissors, scissors industry has a distinction. If the cutter, said scissors, the shape of a pillar folded in half, at the cutting edge of the knife, needlework textile commonly used, this is affected by foreign culture, said U-shaped scissors. The elder is a scissors, used for tailoring woven cloth. Now some places called nail clippers scissors, because it is like scissors.

The rust-stained Western Han bronze scissors, about 20 centimeters long, differ in shape from modern scissors. There is no axial eye, no shaft, just the two ends of a bar to temper into a knife-like, and sharpen a sharp blade, and then curved bar to "S" shape, so that the two sides of the blade corresponds. The scissors are naturally open when not in use, and when used, people can cut off what they want to cut by pressing the blade at each end. One let go, scissors rely on the elasticity of wrought iron and back to the original, as modern people use tweezers.

It is now certain that in any country or era without scissors, people will use other tools to trim hair or other items. such as knife cutting, fire and so on. In ancient China, the gold and silver cut the "shear silver", in fact, the use of blade to cut.

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