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Million Yuan Hair Scissors Foreign Monopoly

- Nov 17, 2017 -

A partner at a high-end beauty salon in Shanghai, Ben, has recently acquired a 3,000-dollar wardrobe. If you hadn't seen it with your own eyes, the reporter thought it was an iphone and would never have believed it was just a hair scissors.


In fact, the 3,000-yuan scissors is not expensive, some well-known foreign brands of high-end hair scissors even more than million yuan. One of the most expensive hair scissors in the world is the Hys of Japan, which is priced at 50,000 ~ million Yuan, said Ben.



"First Financial daily" reporter recently visited the people's Square in Shanghai, Guangdong Road Beauty Salons Street, see production from mainland China, Taiwan, Japan, Germany and other different grades of hair scissors, the cheapest also to two hundred or three hundred yuan, a little better in thousands of or even tens of thousands of yuan.

He was treated as a jewel by the opening of Ben's Toolbox, which was full of 10 hair scissors.


"A hairdresser, if the fame is big, the income is high, naturally will buy the tool, certainly" the entrance fee will also rise. "Ah Ben to reporters, a hair stylist at least need to configure three scissors, cut a man's head, roughly five inch to six inches, cut a woman's head, five inches or so, thin cut (or tooth cut) a." The hairdresser will buy a pair of scissors in a few years. Generally speaking, the monthly income of 10,000 yuan hair stylist scissors at the price of $number yuan, the income of 20,000 pieces of scissors in $number yuan, more than twenty thousand or thirty thousand of hair stylist will generally rely on their own preferences to buy more high-end, three thousand or four thousand, 5,000, 8,000 have.


Although there is no specific statistical data to show the relationship between scissors price and hairdressing charges, but according to a Super PA hairdressing Products Co., Ltd. said: "Cut a hair twenty or thirty yuan, with more than two hundred or three hundred scissors, cut more than 50 yuan, scissors generally above four hundred or five hundred yuan." "Of course, the fees and charges are also related to rent, decoration, location, and the level of hair stylist, but the price of scissors is definitely a higher proportion of the charge, generally is about 10 times times the charge."


Located in Shanghai Xintiandi a well-known hairdressing center per capita consumption of about 600 yuan, inside the professional hair stylist has its own toolbox, including different types of dental scissors, flat shear, thin cut, etc., "cut out the hairstyle with the use of scissors and hair stylist technology, the better the hairdresser to the requirements of scissors more critical." "A decade-old hairstyle Shi Haoxuan told reporters that a good pair of scissors can be used on average for five or six years, the middle may let it rest for a period of time, do a care or grinding, will also consume a certain amount of money."


Different from the general tool scissors, hair scissors The most important condition is the steel is better, knife friends will above Mr. Li told reporters, domestic high-grade scissors usually used 440C steel, hardness of 58~60, Germany and Japan some of the use of 314 steel.


Fudan University Department of Materials science professor Zhangqun to the reporter analysis, for example, a barber a day for $number guests cut hair, need to open and close thousands of scissors, if not very labor-saving barber scissors, barbers are very easy to suffer from disease such as sheath inflammation.


Zhangqun Introduction, the grade of scissors depends on a large extent on the fine workmanship, one is to see whether the inner edge line is smooth, open feeling shear mouth is smooth, on the other hand is to see whether the smooth guide, but also to see whether the handle conforms to ergonomic principles, and their use of the feel. For example, a number of Japanese hair scissors to do the size of the hair stylist hand handle, cut hair when the wholesale quantity also have specifications, so positioning very high-end.


A hair scissors distributor introduction, the domestic brand of hair scissors positioning mainly in its different steel, ordinary stainless steel factory price at twenty or thirty yuan, good steel such as 440C at least hundred yuan. If the dealer to take goods, price from dozens of yuan to hundreds of yuan. Of course, the high price of profits will correspondingly be higher. For foreign brands, the import price is very high, such as the fire, such as craftsmen, because the production of exquisite workmanship, import prices are generally thousands of yuan. Of course, the brand effect is another factor contributing to the expensive price of hair scissors.


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