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Kitchen Knife Classification

- Aug 30, 2017 -

Generally speaking, the world has three major kitchen knives, 1 Chinese kitchen knives, 2 Western kitchen knives, 3 Japanese kitchen knives. General use of stainless steel materials, there are also some ceramic knives, but ceramic knives are afraid to fall, so mainstream products are still stainless steel.

Chinese kitchen Knife:

Generally divided into a batch of knives, knives and the first batch knife three. Knives are used to treat boneless and fruit-and-vegetables; Household knives generally to round the front of the first batch of knives appropriate. The advantage of this kind of knife is the head round body light, the use is convenient, the scope of application is wide, the former batch after chopping general knife can be able to cope.

Western-style kitchen knife:

The style is wide and the classification is very fine. Common tools are:

Chef Knife/Chef Knife: It is a comprehensive use knife, the knife body is wider, the blade part is curved, can be used to cut meat, fish and vegetables. Chinese chopper is the weight of the knife, from top to bottom cut. Western-style knife is lighter, cutting method is, the tip almost does not leave the chopping board, just lift the back part of the knife, such as the use of blade, or throw.

Three Tak Dao,: Meaning to cut meat, vegetables, fruits and the almighty knife. Kochmesser for the oriental version of the improved, size than the general kochmesser to small, the tip part of the more round, can cut meat, but also cutting vegetables and fruits of the kitchen knife. However, the actual use of the effect of this knife cut fruits and vegetables good effect, cut meat general.

Cut meat knife/multi-use knife: a long and sharp knife body for cutting, cutting, stamping and carving.

Chopper R: Similar to Chinese chopper, but the knife body thicker, used to cut bones, frozen meat.

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