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Modern Multifunctional Knife

- Aug 30, 2017 -

Today's versatile knives are quite varied, the combination of the tool is also more innovative, such as the new LCD clock display, LED flashlight, the maximum storage capacity of 32GB computer with USB flash disk, laser pen, lighters, and even MP3 player, etc., the volume has become quite mini, in line with modern people stress convenient, practical , security and other considerations.

Due to the public now have to carry credit cards, plastic money, and so on, Victorinox out a business card-type multi-function knife, compared to the traditional folding knife, it can be included in the wallet. Because it is an extraction tool, so there is no folding knife when the danger zone, use will not have a hand in the accident.

In addition, in order to meet the different purposes of the use of people, but also divided into mountaineering, craftsmen, and even lifesaving (can be one-handed operation), and so on, the function gradually specificity.

The shell from the classic wine red, to now a variety of colors, as well as modern ergonomic design, multi-function knife is no longer as cold as before, and become a modern fashion life equipped.

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