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Multifunction Knife Function

- Aug 30, 2017 -

The combination tool of multifunction knife not only displays on the variety, but also lies in the ingenious combination of the same tool, making the limited tools play more real functions. A common multi-functional knife, generally have solo surgery, knives, scissors, bottle opener, Wood saw, small screwdriver, pull wood plug drilling, toothpicks, tweezers and other tools. And in some tools also designed a variety of functions, such as bottle opener, with open bottles, flat screwdriver, wire stripping groove three functions. With the development of the Times, some new electronic technologies have been introduced into multifunctional knives, such as inner-hidden lasers, flashlights, etc.

Today's multi-purpose knife has more than 100 kinds of combinations, of which [all-round] consists of 64 parts, with more than 30 kinds of practical functions, from the outside look like a fruit knife, in fact is only 185 grams of the universal toolbox weight. The production of a [versatile] multi-purpose knife requires more than 450 processes.

Multifunction knife function

Swiss military knife or Swiss officer knife the basic tools in multifunctional knives are often: solo surgery, small auxiliary blades, tweezers, ballpoint pens, toothpicks, scissors, flat mouth knives, open cans, screwdriver and so on. To use these tools, you can use them as long as you pull them out of the folds of the cutter.

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