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The Origins Of Scissors

- Aug 30, 2017 -

According to archaeological records, the ancient Egyptians had begun to use bronze scissors as early as 3rd century BC. The walls of the Cong Onpo temple were characterised by scissors and some medical equipment, and scholars generally believed that the Egyptians had pioneered surgical techniques.

Note: At present, some scholars believe that the U-shaped scissors have appeared in Europe in the 5th century BC. (The truth is debatable, but there are references to academic reports and papers.) )

But the scissors are not the crossover style used today, and this style of scissors is seen by archaeologists  in the 1th century AD. In the year 5th century, Seville Esto of Spain described the scissors as a major tool for tailors and barbers.

Currently in China, the most famous scissors producer is Zhang and Pock.

In addition, scissors in China's history is also quite long. The scissors unearthed in the Western Han tombs of Luoyang are now more than 2,100 years old. And, in the year around 6th century, from China will scissors into Japan, in the Japanese Edo period began to make a large number of manufacturing.

This from the Tang Dynasty poet Stripling "Yong Liu" verses "do not know fine leaves who cut, February spring wind like scissors" can be know. The ancient folk paper-cut art, also from the side prove scissors in China's long history. The pictographic meaning of the Chinese character "scissors" is "there is a knife before the knife". The Ancients will scissors also known as "Dragon Knife", can be seen in the importance of life. China's existing style of scissors in the first kind, is in Luoyang in the Northern Song Xi Ning five years of tomb found in the middle of the knife and hilt, played the axis of the eye, loaded with a shaft, the fulcrum placed between the knife and knife. The scissors use the lever principle, which is convenient and easy to use.

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