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What Dishes To Take For A Picnic In The Suburbs

- Aug 30, 2017 -

In recent years, with the improvement of people's living standards, various materials made of tableware into the tens of thousands of households, has been favored. But, you know, some cutlery contains certain poisonous substances, after contact with food, these poisonous substances on the tableware with food into the human body, so as to damage the health of the human body, for example, poor quality or improper use of imitation porcelain tableware, can make harmful melamine is easy to "transfer" to our food, clean tableware. As a result, Jie Kang suggested that when we choose tableware, we should avoid the use of tableware which may be poisonous.

1. Plastic Tableware

At present, the safety of plastic tableware is considered polyethylene, polystyrene, polypropylene plastic products. In the purchase and use must pay attention to confirm which type of plastic, the recycled plastic or add dark pigments plastic and non-food plastic, absolutely cannot be used to put or packaged food, otherwise, it will be possible to cause toxicity to the human body.

2, Copper tableware

Gorgeous appearance, color such as gold, very stylish. If copper hotpot is popular with people, it is advantageous to the human body to dissolve a small amount of copper in the copper pot when cooking the food. However, copper can be rusty after the "patina" (that is, alkaline copper acetate) and Lan (i.e. cupric sulfate). Patina and Lan are two toxic substances that can cause nausea, vomiting and even poisoning. Therefore, for Patina copper tableware, must not apply.

3, Aluminum tableware

Aluminum products because of its lightweight and durable, inexpensive, widely used by people. Although the relationship between aluminum tableware and human health is not yet complete scientific research data to prove, but most experts believe that aluminum in the human body accumulated too much, will accelerate the aging of the body, adverse to health. Therefore, in the use of aluminum tableware, do not use the knife scraping and spatula scraping, scrape the mixture of aluminum scraps of food is best not to eat; In addition, aluminum tableware should not boil acidic and alkaline food, otherwise, aluminum will be a large number of dissolved.

4. Stainless Steel Tableware

Beautiful generous, lightweight and durable, wear-resistant corrosion is not rusty, quite by people ignorant. Stainless steel is made from iron-chromium alloy infiltrated into nickel, molybdenum, titanium, manganese and other trace elements made of these microelements harmful to the human body, so use should pay attention to, do not long time to put salt, soy sauce, vinegar and so on, because these foods in the electrolyte and stainless steel long-term contact will occur electrochemical reaction, so that the harmful substances dissolved out. Also do not use stainless steel tableware cooking Chinese medicine, because the Chinese medicine contains a variety of alkaloids, organic acids and other ingredients, after heating and stainless steel electrolytic reaction, so that the drug failure, some even produce toxic compounds, harmful to the human body.

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